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For a human to make use of 6 dof force data real time is difficult. This human machine interface approach is an attempt to make actions a bit more intuitive. It is based on the idea of converting force data into cyclindrical coordinates and presenting is as directional sound. The simulation gives an idea of how it could work. The moment and translations are represented as musical instruments. The higher the force, the higher the frequency. That way high forces don't get annoying as very loud sounds. The simulation is a classic peg-in hole example. There are graphics that show the contact forces, but it is possible to accomplish the operation blind.

Step 1

Download the software stearsim.exe , its a C++ executible

Step 2

Active simulation by pressing one of 6 keys:

A for translating peg left
S for translating peg right
W for translating peg up
Z for translating peg down
Q for rotating peg
E for rotation peg

to STOP motion

t to stop translation
r to stop rotation

if you make it successfully to the end, it will let you know the maximum forces that were generated