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Monthly Report for Space Robotic & Terrestrial FMS PreCommercialization Development Nov 30, 2023


Mostly back working on space version - summarizing things from several years ago. Could be possible the space version can also be used to extract mass properties of payload.

Discussed means of testing at DFL - this was where they did testing of SSRMS and SPDM sensors.

On the truck weight sensor, continuing to pair up loaded and unloaded sensor modes - in higher frequency range to allow time for truck to pass over sensor Running and examining higher modes (in truck travel direction, as opposed to across lane) for modes to track.


No change.


No change.


Reformatting basic displacement equations, with eye to mass property extraction. While increasing tip mass will lower the frequency, the motion will remain sinusoidal. Force will increase the sensor frequencies, but the motion will become more complex.

Software Simulation

no change

Breadboard Manufacturing

no change

Breadboard Testing

no new testing

Calibration Test Rig

no change

Plans for December

Generate an unsolicited proposal for upgrading development of FMS.continue to pair loaded and unloaded FE configurations, looking into sensor mode for tracking which are higher frequency.

Non-linear Force Algorithm Schedule - Space Version

Calibration Test Rig Schedule - Space Version

Breadboard Unit Schedule - Space Version

Simulator Schedule - Space Version

What's so tough?

Temperature Lack of atmosphere drives temperatures to be either hot in sun or cold in shade. Robots are for moving things around, so they go into and out of shade repeatedly.

Force not directly measureable. It can be inferred from strain or deflection. Such measures are affected by thermal distorsion.

Large dynamic range linear vs rotation forces. Long robot arms and the need to capture 'free flyers' generates large rotational forces.

High Stiffness A high stiffness requirement, makes measurement of strain or deflection more difficult to isolate from thermal distorsion.

Drift Space operations tend to be slow - often taken over a period of hours.

6 dof It is important to distinguish all 6 degrees of force measurement, but the shear and moment loading cases can produce difficult to distinguish effects