Good Vibrations Engineering Ltd.

We provide structural analysis and testing services (static, dynamic, vibration)
to a select client base. Typically, they are small companies in the aerospace sector, developing a new specialized product which must either survive or perform within a vibration environment. Sometimes, in combination with a vacuum environment.

Our heritage was with SPAR aerospace on the Canadian space robots. As you can imagine, we understand special structural challenges such as thermal gradients and mechanisms in a load path.

Our main service products relate to the 60+ person years of experience we have with mechanical design, analysis(FE and thermal) and test (modal, vibration) to the aerospace sector. We do a bit of in-house simulation using either matlab or c++.

Sometime of our customers have need of ground support equipment (gse) with very specific frequency characteristics. In those cases, we integrate the design/analysis cycle, interface with machinists and then integrate the system for delivery.

Software Tools

Guiding Principles